Nader K. Rad

[Some] projects are serious


Certain products, such as Spotify and Netflix, have become the focus of attention for the Agile community, and many people think that their approach is extendable to all projects.

The level of experimentation and risk-taking in those projects is justifiable based on the worst outcomes they can have, which is not so severe. Compare that with a building or a bridge, which in the worst scenario could collapse. Too dissimilar to an IT project? Then imagine the software used in medical equipment, with potential failures that can harm people's lives. Imagine the software used in airplanes; are we willing to accept a one in a thousand failure in planes?

Not every project is about entertainment. We use projects to find cures for diseases, to create the means to deliver proper education for poor children, and for many more reasons.

When we think we're experts in projects and give advice to the whole humanity, we must remember that we have a responsibility for the consequences of our "teachings".

— the end —