Nader K. Rad

PRINCE2 Agile®: a contradiction?


If we agree that Agile initiatives are programs rather than projects, it becomes evident that the combination of PRINCE2® (project layer) with Agile methods (program layer) is not that straightforward.

Since programs are at a higher level than projects, a mixture of PRINCE2 and Agile should have the Agile methods on top of PRINCE2, and not the other way around. However, it's the opposite in PRINCE2 Agile: It suggests PRINCE2 is a more comprehensive management layer that can be added on top of Agile methods such as Scrum. An example of a contradiction caused by this combination is that PRINCE2 is focused on products (it's even one of its principles), while Agile initiatives are about outcomes rather than outputs.

The correct approach would have been combining a system from a higher layer or at least the same layer with Agile methods; i.e., create "MSP® Agile" (program) or "MoP® Agile" (portfolio).

— the end —