Nader K. Rad

"agile" or "Agile"?


Being Agile is not about being agile. That's why I use Agile (with capital A) to refer to the concept of using adaptive methods.

When we call some systems Agile, we're not describing them as fast, intelligent, or anything else. It's just a name that refers to something. Like every other name, its first letter should be capitalized.

Similarly, "nader" means "rare" in my mother tongue (Persian), "closer" in Dutch, and probably something else in some other language. However, my name is not "nader"; it's "Nader", and that's why you don't have to worry about who I am based on the context of language.

You only run into problems if you don't have anything to refer to when using the word, and it seems to me that many people are suffering from this; hence, their attitude toward calling it "agile" rather than "Agile".

— the end —