Nader K. Rad

Random Thoughts

This is where I write about my random thoughts. Many of them are related to my career, project management, but not all of them. There's also an articles section for my long articles.

2020-08-25 Visualizing problems

2020-08-25 Who’s a visual thinker?

2020-08-18 Can WBS be used in Agile?

2020-08-18 Deliverable vs. increment

2020-08-01 A picture is worth...

2020-08-01 Why do we write?

2020-07-29 The three-step cycle of expertise

2020-07-29 Who needs a mentor?

2020-07-28 Why do we defend or reject ideas?

2020-07-27 [Some] projects are serious

2020-07-27 Agile initiatives are not projects

2020-07-27 PRINCE2 Agile®: a contradiction?

2020-07-27 Programs vs. projects

2020-07-26 Was the PMBOK® Guide wrong?

2020-07-25 Is the PMBOK® Guide descriptive?

2020-07-24 Everyone is an expert in Agile!

2020-07-23 "agile" or "Agile"?

2020-07-20 All of us should have blogs!

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