Nader K. Rad

Project Management Author, Speaker, and Adviser


I have been involved in project management for about 20 years. I started my work as a project planner in construction projects, and then moved to larger process-plant projects. In parallel, I was also active in IT projects and startups.

I gradually moved from project planning into the wider project management domain. I started helping project managers and companies improve their project management systems based on established methods. Besides direct involvement, I have also helped many through my writings and courses.

Nowadays, I'm also an active speaker on project topics, and have been involved in world-class standards such as PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile™, and

Not a Pilot

I was dreaming of becoming a writer when other kids wanted to become pilots or doctors. I don't know how it works, but it's the highest level of satisfaction I know. It's not about the final result; the primary pleasure is in the process of writing.

Published Books

I’ve published about 50 books so far. They are mostly on project management, but I also had some books on different pieces of software (Excel, Access, AutoCAD) in my early days. The following are the titles available in English.

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation™ Workbook

This is the official resource for the EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation™ certification. It explains the Agility concept, with a primary focus on Scrum.

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Understanding the PMBOK® Guide

It's a simple, short book on the PMBOK Guide that helps you understand the big picture without going through all the details. 

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Percent Complete Fields in Primavera™ P6

This free book is a complete guide to the structure of percent complete fields in Primavera P6, which usually seems complex to planners.

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Scrum Master Training Manual

This free book is a simple guide to how Scrum works. It was primarily prepared to help the candidates of the PSM™ I exam understand the Scrum Guide better.

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Project Scheduling Rules

It's a collection of 19 rules for project schedules. You can have a high quality, dependable schedule by following them.
Translations in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Persian are also available.

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No Stop

Once, in a conference, I was talking to someone about a PM topic when I asked him if he had read a certain book. He replied, "I don't read books on this topic, I write them". My nightmare is to become someone like him.

Contributions to the Standards


I was an official reviewer for PRINCE2 2017.

PMBOK® Guide

I am a regular contributor to the PMBOK Guide (not part of the core team).

I've been an author in; a new, simplified project management framework.

PRINCE2 Agile™

I have been one of the official reviewers of PRINCE2 Agile in 2015, the new concept that tailors PRINCE2 for Agile environments.

Agile Scrum Master™ Certificate

I have been a consultant for the Agile Scrum Master certification from EXIN. 

I'm a partner in a small, seven-year-old, Belgian startup called Management Plaza. We help individuals and companies improve their project management systems through training and consultancy services.

The best thing about Management Plaza is that it's a professional system rather than commercial only. 

Presentations in Conferences

Five Examples of Analytical Thinking in Project Management

PMI EMEA, May 2019

This presentation was an overview of the way critical thinking can be useful in projects, through the study of five common myths.

Why you Shouldn't Imitate Apple!

IIBA Belgium, BA and Beyond Conference, March 2019

This presentation was about the real dynamics behind the success of products and companies, and the fallacies we may have when we try to understand that.

Improve Reasoning and Communication with the Denaming Technique

PMI Belgium chapter's annual congress, PM Fair, October 2018

This presentation was about a simple technique that I've called Denaming. It can help us avoid certain mistakes when we try to answer sensitive questions in our projects, and when we're looking for ideas.

Are you a Professional BA in the Agile Age?

IIBA Belgium, BA and Beyond Conference, May 2018

This presentation was about the role of business analysts in Agile projects, and the way we can understand and evaluate this type of questions properly.

The Hybrid: from everything we love, to one thing that we hate!

PMI Poland, Gdansk, NTPM Congress, April 2018

This presentation was about pitfalls in mixing "Agile" and "Waterfall".

When the PM has to make difficult decisions

PMI Bulgaria Congress, November 2017

This presentation was about using the Wisdom of Crowed in project management.

Stop! Superstars are your worst source of inspiration

PMI Belgium Congress, October 2017

This presentation was about a few decision making flaws that usually impact projects and portfolios. The Emerging Minimalist PM Framework

PMI Poland Congress, November 2016

This workshop was a quick introduction to project management method; the reason there's a need for it, and the way it works. 

The Legend of the Ultimate PM

PM Fair, PMI Belgium, October 2016

This workshop was about using a combination of crowd sourcing and the Wisdom of the Crowds in solving problems and making decisions in projects.

You’re failing: your method is neither Agile, nor Waterfall

New Trends in Project Management Conference, PMI Poland, April 2016

This presentation uses a concept I’ve called the Chaos Triangle that explains how companies may end up in chaos when they try to transform from Waterfall to Agile, and how to avoid it.

Implementing project management methodologies doesn’t have to fail

11th International Project Management Conference in Tehran, 2016

A case study of implementing MoP, PRINCE2, and XP in Sodexo Belgium, and pointing out how each difficulty was overcome.

Transforming from an engineer to a project manager

IRSCE, 2016

A review of how engineers should change their mindset when planning to become project managers, and how this impacts the success of projects.

True Agility

PMI Belgium’s PM Fair, 2015

A review of the true meaning of Agility, which can be overlooked by imitating the currently Agile companies, and a review of the Chaos Triangle.

The Agile Spirit

Athens Project Management Conference, 2015

A review of the true meaning of Agility and how it can help companies increase value without adding risks of poor implementation.

Project Scheduling Best Practices

PMI Scheduling Conference, 2015

19 rules, based on best practices such as those from PMI and DoD, that help improve the quality of project schedules.

Cognitive Biases in Project Management

IRSCE, 2015

A workshop for practicing 8 project management scenarios, each with potential for a cognitive bias, followed by a lecture on why each bias exists, how it impacts the success of our projects, and how we can avoid it.

Project Managers are Biased Too

PMI BeLux Day, 2014

A quick review of the 10 most common cognitive biases and the way they can impact project management decisions.

Agile Planning

PMI Scheduling Conference, 2014

A conceptual review of how a normal Agile project is planned, and how it differs from a predictive project.

Co-Tailoring the PMBOK® Guide and PRINCE2®

PMI BeLux Day, 2013

A suggested method in combining management systems, called Co-Tailoring, which was presented with an example of combining the PMBOK® Guide and PRINCE2®.

Why Not?

One morning, I noticed a business man commuting to work on the metro. With a smile on his face, he was reading something on his phone. Suddenly, he was done. He put his phone back into his pocket and stared through the window. He was no longer smiling. That's when I started thinking maybe... and that was the birth of our email courses. More than twenty thousand people have learned new things using them, many of them with a smile on the metro 😉

Email Courses

Email courses are a small idea of mine to make PM training as simple as possible for busy people. These awareness courses are delivered through daily emails, and people can read them on their mobile phones or laptops, in their otherwise wasted time. By the way, they are all for free 🙂


It’s the world’s most popular project management methodology. It helps you understand what to do in your projects, when to do them, and who should be responsible.

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The most popular Agile framework; lightweight, and easy to understand. Scrum is the best way to understand how Agility works.

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PRINCE2 Agile™

The new concept from AXELOS®, about combining Agile methods such as Scrum with PRINCE2®, and enjoying the governance of PRINCE2, as well as the Agility of Scrum.

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Scrum is Agile, but Agile is not Scrum! DSDM® is one of the first Agile frameworks, which is scaled by default, and contains all the normal project management elements (as opposed to Scrum).

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Risk Management

You can’t be successful in your projects without proper risk management, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s see how in this simple course, and then start using it in your projects.

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eXtreme Programming

Coming soon!

I'm always publishing new PM-related content, either free or premium material. If you would like to stay informed, there's a little newsletter you can join below. I usually send an email every month or two and report all the news.

eLearning Courses

I've designed a number of eLearning courses. They are all available in Management Plaza. I'm going to work on more eLearning courses in the future. Some of the candidates are PMP, Risk Management, and Value Management.

AgilePM® Foundation

This is an interesting program for project managers who work in Agile environments. It's based on one of the primary Agile methods called DSDM, and administered by APMG. 

I've used a new training method in this course which makes it simpler for busy people to use. The first 30% of the course is free, and you can try it now, even without registration.

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PRINCE2 Agile®

PRINCE2 Agile® is the latest standard from AXELOS. It’s a tailored version of PRINCE2, ready to be combined with Agile delivery methods such as Scrum. This combination provides you with both the flexibility of Agile systems, and the governance of PRINCE2. Mature medium to large companies would benefit most from this new standard.

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Agile and Scrum

This practical course is a simple way to learn the real meaning of Agility and understand its essential differences from traditional methods. Then it is time to learn the most famous Agile framework, Scrum; with all the details of course. There are also two additional lessons on Kanban and ScrumBan at the end of the course.

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PRINCE2® Practitioner

Together with Frank Turley, we've prepared a very special PRINCE2 Practitioner course that provides something practical instead of just teaching the learner how to pass the exam. 

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Portfolio Management

This short 1.5 hour online course introduces the portfolio management concept of MoP in the simplest and fastest possible way. By passing this course, you’ll gain a complete understanding of the concept and you will even be able to apply it in your organization.

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A full course that teaches project management based on the PMBOK guide and prepares learners for the PMP exam without boring them!

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Workshops and Classroom Courses

I've designed a number of classroom courses and workshops. These packages contain multiple elements such as slides, handouts, trainer notes, flashcards, exercises, quizzes, and exams. These are used by my colleagues in Management Plaza, as well as some other trainers. Some enthusiastic people also use them for training their colleagues. You can always get in touch with me or Management Plaza if you're interested in licensing them.


It's the only notable PM method that is applicable to all types of projects. In my opinion, it's a must for every project manager.

1 to 5 days, interactive lecture

Critical Thinking for PMs

All our decisions are subject to our cognitive biases. Knowing and controlling them is the most effective way to make better decisions. 

1 day, workshop

PRINCE2 Agile™

This course is on the way PRINCE2 can be used in Agile environments, the usual problems, and possible solutions. 

3 days, interactive lecture


Preparing a well-formed Work Breakdown Structures is one of the first steps in a predictive project that easily goes wrong.

1 day, workshop

PMBOK® Guide

This is an introductory-level course that helps candidates learn different aspects of project management.

1 or 2 days, interactive lecture


Project management is about doing things right, while portfolio management is about doing the right things.

1 to 3 days, lecture or workshop


At the end of the day, everything we do is about generating value. The MoV method helps us manage value across projects, programs, and portfolios.

1 to 3 days, lecture or workshop


Risk management is a simple, logical way to control uncertainties in projects and to be proactive. 

1 to 3 days, lecture or workshop


This course is focused on the Agility concept, and the way it can be different from predictive systems, plus a little about the Lean concept.

1 or 2 days, interactive lecture

Scrum Master

This is practically a generic Scrum course, suitable for anyone interested in learning the simplest and most popular Agile method.

2 or 3 days, lecture or workshop

Scrum Product Owner

This course is all about product ownership in Scrum; mainly focused on identifying stories and setting values.

1 or 2 days, lecture or workshop


AgilePM is a certification program for the project management aspects of DSDM®, which is one of the fundamental Agile methods.

3 days, interactive lecture


Civil Engineering BS

I worked in construction projects for about 10 years, but as a project planner rather than a civil engineer. Then I moved to process-plant projects. In parallel to both, I was also involved in IT projects. 

Philosophy of Science MS

I've always loved analytical philosophy. My thesis was a proof that multi-valued and Fuzzy logics cannot add anything to the classical Boolean logic, and all the myths (especially about Fuzzy logic) are mainly a fashion.

Other than Work?

I love what I do. It serves as entertainment too! Well, that's not the only thing I do. As you might have guessed, I also spend time on analytical philosophy, logic, and critical thinking. Besides that, I have a deep interest in art. In addition to appreciating great pieces of art, I also create my own. I build small sculptures, and I also do photography. You can check my photos in

Professional Certificates


Project Management Professional, PMI

MoP® Practitioner

Management of Portfolios, AXELOS

MoV® Foundation

Management of Value, AXELOS


Agile Certified Practitioner, PMI

ITIL® Foundation

IT Infrastructure Library, AXELOS

Advanced in Critical Thinking

Project Management Association of Canada

PRINCE2® Practitioner

{Project management methodology}, AXELOS

P3O® Foundation

Portfolio, Program, and Project Offices, AXELOS

M_o_R® Foundation

Management of Risk, AXELOS


Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance


Agile Scrum Foundation, EXIN

PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner

{Project management methodology}, AXELOS

MSP® Foundation

Managing Successful Programs, AXELOS

AgilePM® Practitioner

Agile Project Management, DSDM


Professional Scrum Master,


Professional Scrum Product Owner,